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Best Paying Sites To Start A Webcam Modeling Career

I know, it’s not a topic that we typically cover, but it’s definitely one worth mentioning. If you’re a girl looking to make a lot of money, there’s a simple way to do so and it’s by doing some webcam modeling online. Granted, we’re no experts when it comes to making money, as we prefer to spend our cash on shows!

However, chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you learn just how much money some of these girls are capable of earning in just a weeks time.

The best way to share this info is via a top list, which is exactly the move that we opted to make!

One thing you absolutely need to know is that the webcam industry is not going away, ever. In fact, it’s been booming for years and seems to be only getting stronger and more lucrative as time passes. However, it can be stressful for some girls that just can’t seem to hack it. The good news is that most girls make out just fine here and they can handle just about anything thrown there way. Which is why I want to give you some insight if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks on the side.

Here’s what you need to know…

best webcam modeling paysites

Best Webcam Sites To Start Camming On To Make Money

I want you to know that this article is written for girls and guys looking to make money while camming, not spend it. Trust me, we encourage all cam lovers to go hog wild and spend cash in private chats, so keep doing that if that’s your plan. Now, on to the topic at hand…

You’ll need to join the best cam site as a model if you want to make the most money. There are lots of sites that make promises to models that they can’t keep. Those listed below we guarantee are awesome. You’ll have a good time using them and will make money as well.

Here’s the list of the top paying cam sites to consider joining:

Camsoda – Honestly, I have to say that this is by far my favorite site and one that all models should apply for. They take a unique approach to camming as the models are paid between $0.05 and $0.55 per token. Now it might not seem like a lot but trust me that all adds up a ton. Literally, close to 70% of the money that users spend go right to the models. That’s almost unheard of today. If you’re a model, you’ll be able to set your own token rate too. It’s a winner, winner, chicken dinner for any model out there.

InternetModeling – This online cam modeling company has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s possible that it is the oldest cam website in the world even. Models here are paid 70% of the amount spent by users and some models are able to make up to $2-3k per week even.

Livegirl – I had never even heard of Livegirl.me until I did some research on this stuff. This is an iPhone app that allows you to chat via mobile phone and earn cash doing so. It’s like always being connected and ready to make money at a moments notice. You can decide how much customers are charged per minute as well.

Bongacams – This is a pretty popular cam site as well. It’s a very popular site in Europe and a leader amongst many in the industry. They’re looking for both male and female couples looking to connect with people to exchange sex shows for cash, simple as that. The webcam models on Bonga typically are compensated 50% of the total earnings.

LiveJasmin – The Jasmin site is another very generous cam site that treats their models quite well. Based on my research, models typically collect 80% of the total amount of money spent by the end user. That’s a healthy chunk of change if your cam skills are up to snuff and good enough to attract lots of users.

Those are by far the best cam sites for modeling should you be interested in getting a taste of the cam model lifestyle. They make a lot of money and all from their bedroom or home! Try one out!

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