When you think of the best web cam sites, you have to put Cam Soda up there right with the best of the best.

Why We Spend Time Chatting With Camsoda.com Girls

When we use cam sites, we typically go in with a mindset like “this could totally be a scam or waste of time.”  It’s like every time we browse a free cam site, we go in all fired up to be excited about the experience only to be let down as we poke around the site.  When we ran into Camsoda, it was an entirely different experience, thankfully.

When we share personal experiences and reviews, like this Camsoda review, we don’t dial it down or edit what exactly went on.  It’s crazy how we have come from a world of having zero online camming experience to being seasoned pro’s, in just a matter of a year or so.

The Camsoda Review Tells Our Story

So let’s get into the official review, shall we?

When you arrive at this cam site, you’ll see that the bubbly logo and vibrant blue and pink colors are so inviting that you really feel welcome when you get to the site.  Since the site hasn’t been around as long as many of the other top cam sites, our experience doesn’t date back as far in terms of actual usage, but we can say that we’ve definitely spent most of our time on this site.  When you are an official webcam review site, well, let’s say there are perks of being review guides!  (Writing off sessions, OH YEAH!)

I’m personally not that technical and the fact that this is my very first personal website, then you know I have a strong affinity for CamSoda. After trying some of the most popular free cam sites on the Internet, I felt I was obligatory to share my experience as a typical guy that loves connecting with horny cam girls online. I also knew that my friends were going to ask me for the details of my experience. Quite frankly, I didn’t want to have to explain my experiences, the signup process and everything else I knew that they would ask me about on multiple occasions. I’ve had cam to cam chat sessions with many of the girls that have profiles on the site. If it weren’t for the girls shown below, I probably would have never published all of this online.

So when you get to the site, the main thing you see is that there is a plethora of webcam girls to choose from.  Here’s a quick screen shot that shows exactly what we saw on our last visit.

Profiles at Camsoda.com

Note:  We had to look for some shots that weren’t x-rated.  Believe us, there are plenty out there on CamSoda.com, but we posted a more G rated version in case anyone was offended by that.  But trust us, it gets really dirty, in a good way, if you are into that.

You’ll find plenty of options, no matter what your sexual preference is.  You can cam with girls that are squirters, latinas, lesbians, milfs, into toys, into anal, and much, much more.

You have a fetish?  It’ll be answered there on this website. 

Review Details:

5 stars out of 5

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This is the best cam model website,  hands down. 

Camsoda.com Conclusion

Sometimes, a picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

Hidden Cams
Some people are into the hidden cams.

toy cams

muslim cam
Some are even into ethnic women on camera.

Hopefully those pictures convince you how legit this site is, because it’s the one that gets our attention keeps our flags at full mast!

The registration process is a cinch. You can get started in less than 12 seconds. We actually counted.

Click the “Join Now Free” button at the top right hand corner of the site, and you’ll be asked to enter your user name, email address, and a password.

Then, choose your gender (well don’t choose, just tell them yours…), agree to the terms of service, and click the register button.  Within seconds you’ll be off looking for cam girls.

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Love This Site!

I absolutely love the Camsoda website. They got models that'll do anything for free and they're smoking hot. By far the best cam site on the Internet.
- Jason Jones

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