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Chaturbate Colors And Usernames – Official Guide

The first question I have for you is whether or not you’ve even used Chaturbate? Do you even know what it is? If not, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. Well, it’s not that tough you’ll just have to read my review of the site before diving into this post.

Now that you’ve done just that. Here’s what you need to know about using the site, specifically related to the colors associated with the usernames. Chaturbate takes a unique approach and color codes their users. When using the site you’ll notice that majority of the users a color-coded in that grey shade. That’s because they don’t have any tokens to take girls into private chat rooms. Of course, it makes sense that most users would not have money.

chaturbate color codes

There are lots of other colors and shades that this cam site uses to categorize users. My guess is that they want to make it easy for models to identify who’s got cash and who’s poor. That way they spend time focusing on those that might actually make them money.

Makes total sense really.

Official Chaturbate Colors (What They Mean)

If you’re color blind then you might be out of luck but for those that aren’t this is helpful to know. This guide will give you the simple color coding each type of Chaturbate user and what status they essentially hold. Keep in mind, all of the grey shades are users that do not have any money.

Orange – This color represents users that are models and/or broadcasters on Chaturbate.com. If you’re looking to start modeling on cam, then read this post.

Red – The red means that they are moderators on the website looking for trolls and other users to throw the ban hammer at.

Green – If you see green color-coded names, then those are users that are members of the fan club.

The Blue Shades

Light Blue – These users have a minimum of one token within their account but have not used more than 49 tokens in the last 14 days.

Dark Blue – These are users that have spent tokens tipping more than 50 tokens within a 14 day period.

The Purple Shades

Light Purple – These users have spent 250 tokens over the span of two weeks.

Dark Purple – The dark purple users are those that spend a lot of money. They’ve tipped 1,000 tokens in a span of two weeks.

This should help you when navigating the website. If you’re not a member of this site, then perhaps you might want to think about joining. If not interested in Chaturbate, then you have plenty of other cam site options to choose from. Just head on over to the homepage for a rundown of the best cam sites ever.

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