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The Six Basic Rules Of Chaturbate

I’ve covered a plethora of cam sites here and although I tend to focus on the details of each, I often forget to share the rules. It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t covered any of the basic rules of Chaturbate. Given how strict the company is and how quickly they are to kick off models and consumers, I thought it was only right for me to run through some of the rules. Afterall, I don’t want you to get in trouble or kicked off the site for not abiding by the basics.

Here’s what you need to know before getting started on Chaturbate. If you have some tokens, then hold off before spending them. Read this first before you do anything…

six basic chaturbate rules

6 Basic Rules Of Chaturbate That You Must Follow

I don’t care if you’re a model or consumer or a couple trying to cam or what, you better know these rules and agree to them or you’ll be kicked off faster than you can even imagine. Don’t worry, they are simple but very important so pay close attention to them!

No Dirty Stuff

If you’re looking to get into some weird shit like poop and pee and vomit, then you best get the hell out of here now! There’s no excuse for it and Chaturbate has a zero-tolerance approach that they take very seriously. This type of stuff is completely illegal in the United States and it you think you’re getting away with it, THINK AGAIN!

No Drugs Dirtbag

If you’re into using hardcore drugs or any drugs for that matter and you start doing them on webcam, then you will be kicked off. Yes, that includes simply smoking pot live on cam. If you try and snort cocaine or shoot up dope on cam, then you’re really going to be in for a rude awakening. There is 100% no chance that you will ever be let back on the site and your IP will get banned. Get some help if you have a drug problem, please.

No Law Enforcement Impersonation

Whether you’re a real police officer or not, you cannot be seen wearing any public duty uniforms while using Chaturbate. They can get into serious legal trouble if you are and that’s why they forbid people to wear them. So, that hot cop outfit you were planning on sporting, forget it, not going to happen. Play cops and robbers somewhere else.

All Users Must Be 18

This is a no-brainer but I need to mention it. If you’re not 18 and you’re trying to cam on Chaturbate or use the site as a consumer, then you will be arrested. They have a zero tolerance policy for people under 18 and it’s no joke. Do not try and mess around with this rule – they’re VERY serious about it.

No Spamming

If you’re caught spamming the profile pages or any of the models, then you’ll be thrown the ban hammer fast as lightning. Trust me, getting banned sucks and there’s virtually nothing worse if you ask me. Assuming that you’re willing to send personalized messages to people, then you should be fine but don’t send generic messages like a douchebag.

Don’t Hate

You cannot use any language that’s racist or hateful towards any member or cam girl/guy. Doing that will get you banned faster than you can even imagine.

Now, assuming that you understand all those rules, then give Chaturbate a shot. I think you’ll enjoy it a lot!

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