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Maryelle From Camsoda: Full Model Interview

I recently took the time out of my super busy schedule to interview a model from Camsoda. Her name is Maryelle and she’s so hot. This girl is something else and quite frankly, if you’re a brunette fan then there’s no way you don’t start drooling non-stop for this babe. Find out everything I learned while chatting with her.


My Interview and Review of Maryelle on Camsoda

I’ll just kick things off right out the gate by saying she’s awesome. Here are the topics covered during this investigation…

Fact 1: Maryelle Loves To Dance

There’s nothing better to a girl like Maryelle than getting to shake her ass in front of people. She loves the attention that it gets her and she just can’t go without it. She’s on cam because she loves to show off and she loves to be desired.

If you’re not obsessed with her, then she’s doing something wrong. She wants to be the first thing you think about when you wake up. She also wants to be the last thing you think about before you go to sleep.

Maryelle is going to use her body in every single way that she can to make sure that happens. Her hair is black and her eyes are a very sexy green. She has a sultry look that you just can’t find anywhere else. Her body is skinny and petite. She keeps it that way because she loves to be taken. Her tits are totally natural and big enough to play with all night long.

Fact 2: She Wants To Be Taken

There’s a very good reason that she wants to be desired. She loves to drive men so crazy that they can’t control themselves. She wants to be grabbed from behind and taken until they’re satisfied.

She wants her entire body to be used for as much pleasure as humanly possible. It’s what keeps her coming back to her cam over and over again.

She needs to be the person you stare at from across the room. That’s why she wears the clothes that she does. It’s also why she dances so much. If you can see her hips move without wanting to throw her down, then you’re not a human being.

The only reason she exists is to provide you with pleasure and she’s totally okay with that. In fact, she really loves it.

Fact 3: Maryelle Wants You To Control Her

She has a very special toy to help you control her. It’s her interactive vibrator and she always has it deep inside her pussy. You can set it off whenever you want to. You can set it as high or as low as you choose.

She’ll be forced to take anything at all that you give to her. You won’t be able to stop yourself from playing with her. Her orgasms are always in your hands and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Take control and show her what it means to do as she’s told.

Conclusion: Play With Maryelle Right Now

Maryelle is just waiting in her room for someone to come along and show her the kind of fun that she needs. Her vibrator is on and inside her. She wants you to come and set it off right now. Don’t let her cum, though.

You need to stretch it out. Make sure she’s grateful for her orgasm when you finally give it to her. It’s all she really wants from you. Take in her entire body with your eyes and you’ll never want to look away again.

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