Well, today I went ahead and decided to use Pink Cams. It’s a webcam site that looks somewhat similar to one that I’ve used in the past. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that stop me from checking out the naked cam girls that were crawling all over the site. I’ll share a few things that I learned about this sex-camming community and what you ultimately need to know about it. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the pain and suffering of sharing some of the boring shit about the site and my experience. Instead, let me get you some solid information on what I learned and why I loved using PinkCams.com so damn much.
pink cams review

Pink Cams: My Personal Experience Using This Site

I’m going to tell you right now that you’re bound to have a decent time using this cam site. Not for nothing, but did you see some of the girls on the homepage?

I was immediately pulled in by a cam girl with the profile name “My Cynthia” and I’ll tell you what caught my eye. It was that huge black vibrator with balls and her perky ass that did it for me. Here’s a picture of her getting down completely naked using on the site.

She wasn’t the only girl that caught my eye, though. There were actually quite a few of them. I took about 15 of them into private chat and doing so really helped me relax quite a bit.

pink cams review

The site is pretty much 100% interactive and it’s simple to make friends with these girls. Every single cam model on the site is willing to chat on an exclusive one-on-one video session with you.

Now that I’ve covered a bit about the one girl that caught my eye, let me tell you about the site in general and what I like about it. I’ll give you a quick rundown:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Hot girls
  • New Model notifications
  • Quick messaging links

Okay, so what the heck does all that mean here? Well, it’s pretty simple. What I’ll do is go over each of these and give you a rundown of each specific area…

The site works pretty flawlessly on mobile. It’s one of those things that just works like a charm on both iOS and Android phones. I use both operating systems and like to have mobile options while on the go, simple as that.

The site also has some of the hottest girls that I’ve ever seen on any cam site I’ve used. There might be a few that compare but this one is up there as far as hot women are concerned.

If you can’t find a girl you want to jerk off to on Pink Cams, you might be gay. In which case, check out the gay cams section of my site, LOL!

New Models

Another kickass feature of this site is that they let you know which models are in fact new. That’s huge as far as I’m concerned. I love taking new models into private chat sessions because they are cheaper than those more experienced. There’s a new model on Pink Cams named Jennifercox and she’s a brunette hottie with a perfect booty. Check her out.

Easy Email

Last but not least, I’m a big fan of efficiency. That means I don’t like to have to click too much in order to do something online.

You can literally click the small “Email” text link to message any of the girls right away. I absolutely love that about Pink Cams. There’s a good chance that you, yes even you, can connect with a Pink Cams model in a matter of seconds.

All in all, the site is fantastic and it’s one of the best types of cam sites that I’ve ever used. If you like hot girls and easy messaging then check it out.

THIS SITE NOW REDIRECTS TO CAMSTER.COM. I have to suggest hitting Camsoda.com instead today!

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