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Lauren Hammelton Profile & Personal Facts

Here’s everything you wanted to know about cam girl Lauren Hammelton. Learn all about her and super personal facts such as her height, weight, boob size, and more. You’ll also find a review below that showcases my experience with her.

lauren hammelton

Lauren Hammelton Biography

Camming Name: Lauren24hammelton

Age as of Post: 25

Gender: Female

Where Is She Located: United States

Languages She Speaks: English & Italian

Sexual Preferences: Men, Women, Couples, even Trans

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Body Type: That Perfectly Slim and Thick

Breast Size: 32DD

Height: Ask Her

Weight: Ask Her

Tattoos/Piercings: Tattoos Yes

Smoke / Drink: Need To Ask Her

Cam Model Lauren Hammelton Review

There’s nothing better than a girl who likes it rough in the bedroom and that’s exactly what Lauren Hammelton has to offer you. Full disclosure, you will not find her on Nudelive.com, only on Camsoda.

She always needs a little bit of pain with her pleasure and she’s more than happy to give it to herself. It might be better to get it from someone else, but it’s impossible to have someone around with her every single time that she cums.

That’s because she’s always masturbating and no one else can keep up with her. That’s what drives her to her cam every single day. She knows that she can always find men and women who are willing to tell her how to hurt herself to give her the most intense orgasms that she can possibly have.

It doesn’t matter how hard she came last time. She’s going to want to cum even harder the next time that she spreads her legs.

She Has The Toys For It

Making sure that it’s rough requires the right toys and she always has them close by. There’s a long belt that she likes to use to choke herself when she’s in the mood to really lose control.

Then there are the nipple clamps that make her tits ache for days after she uses them. If she wants something a little bit different, she has a long tube that she put her nipples inside of to suck out all of the air and make them stretch out so long that they poke out of her shirt for a week.

She has plenty of rope and there’s always something very close by so she can spank her perfect ass whenever she feels like she’s being too naughty. Naturally, it’s also there so the people watching her on cam can tell her that she deserves a spanking for turning them on so much.

She Needs To Please

A girl like this always has to please other people to really be happy. She has a realistic dildo that she’s always sucking on to show you just how good a sloppy blowjob from an ebony girl can really be.

She never holds back and she sucks on it until she’s drooling all over herself and gagging with every thrust. It’s just one more reason that she’s one of the best cam girls that anyone can find on the internet. She’s always ready for punishment and she’s always ready to please with her entire body.

Conclusion: Get Lauren Hammelton Off Right Now

Lauren Hammelton is just waiting for someone to get into her room and tell her what kind of night she’s about to have. She has all of her toys and she’s ready to use them. You can make her tie herself up or torture her own sensitive nipples.

You can even make her practice her blowjob skills while you tell her how you like to get sucked off. It’s all up to you and when you decide that you deserve a gorgeous ebony girl making your dreams come true.

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