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How to Get a Girl to Chase You

It’s never fun chasing after a girl, but it’s a heck of a good time chasing a cam model from a top cam site, that happens to live within a decent distance from you.

When you chase women, even if they are a famous cam model, it makes you seem like a wuss who has no other options, while she can sit back and be picky over all the men who are trying for her attention. Wouldn’t you rather she be chasing after you instead? I know that’s much more preferable to me. Luckily there’s a few ways you can stand out among the sea of men in the dating pool that inundate her for her time, and make her try to get you to carve out some time for her.

The first thing you should pay attention to is your body language. Women are highly attracted to confidence and this is strongly conveyed in your body language. Sit up straight, don’t squirm and fidget around nervously (don’t bite your nails, crack your knuckles, shuffle in your seat, stuff like that). Maintain good posture and be measured and in control of your movements. If you portray confidence, you will catch her eye.

Another way you can use body language to make her desire you more is to give her negative body language. Women want what they can’t have, so if you make yourself more of a challenge she will be battling to get more of your attention and affection. Don’t lock in eye contact for long periods of time, rather cast your gaze elsewhere about half the time. Rather than stand face to face, turn slightly so you’re more shoulder to shoulder. You don’t want to show too much interest early on, so make her fight to get more of your attention.

You can also make her chase after some more time with you by making yourself less available. If you have a full schedule, she will notice that your time is in demand and you are a man that is worth it, as opposed to a hermit who has no other life outside of dating you. Like I said above, women want what they can’t have, so if they see that your time is being taken up by others, her competitive side will kick in and she’ll be working hard to get more of your time.

Just a few little tricks is all it takes to stop chasing women, and instead get them to be going after you. Don’t be so up front with your interest and make her feel like you are the one that needs to be won over, and pretty soon she’ll be on the prowl for your precious time.

Or, just stick with watching them online.  You can really get into different types of women that way, like Latina, or even black women.


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