One thing is for certain when it comes to cam sites and that’s the fact that I do not discriminate. I’m basically interested in trying out any adult cam site on this planet so long as the site loads quickly and isn’t absolutely horrible. If you’ve never heard of DXLive then you need to learn about it quickly. That’s especially true if you’re into Asian girls and things of the eastern nature. is an Asian cam site that caters to both Asians and Americans.

To be perfectly blunt with you, the site is different depending on whether you visit the American version or the Asian version of the site. Seeing as though I live in the United States, I went for the Asian version. The first thing that I’ll tell you about this site is that there are lots of horny girls online waiting to chat with users. Almost every single cam girl is Asian or looks to be based on my investigation. Most sites don’t niche themselves down so much but this one does. I’m going to basically cover everything that I learned about this site while testing things out.

DXLive Review

DXLive Cam Site Details

The first thing I’ll cover here are the models. Based on my research, it seems like there may be thousands of models that are on this site. If I had to guess, I’d say that roughly 30,000 or more models are listed on the DXLive website. Now, just because they’re listed as models doesn’t mean they are available for chat. One thing I quickly learned was that the site only has roughly 100 models online at any given time. I went ahead and did some more research at a later date and only saw about 50 models live. That’s pretty piss poor in terms of model depth. There is no other way to cut that.

I’d say most models are between the ages of 18 and 30. Many of them are on the younger side if that’s the type of girl you’re looking for. Not my cup of tea but to each his own I guess. You’ll find busty girls, skinny girls, super hot girls and some downright ugly ones as well. I guess there is something for everyone here.

The site offers premium live chats with models and there are private chat options as well as group chat options. The pricing per show really varies depending on the type of those that you choose to have. Speaking of pricing, here is how the costs breakdown on this cam site. You’ll need to purchase credits if you want to use the site. These credits can be purchased using just about any major credit card out there including Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB and even AMEX. The cost of credits varies depending on the number of credits you’re looking to purchase. For example, you’ll want to have between $49.95 and $299.95 on hand to purchase credits. This will give you anywhere from 25 minutes to 170 minutes worth of chat time with these Asian models.

Controlling Model Sex Toys

One cool feature that the DXLive site offers is the ability to control a models sex toy. This is done through the use of remote control vibrators and it adds some spice to the shows. There are other cam sites that have way better toy technology but this one is pretty good.

Terrible Pop-Ups

One major drawback of using this site is the constant pop up issue. You’ll need to deal with windows opening all over the place when using this site. Not because they are ads but because that’s how the model windows function. It’s a poorly designed feature if you ask me.

Language Barrier

Another issue that you might run into when using this site is the language barrier. The models may use language translation software which eats up a lot of time to translate what you’re typing to them. I’m not a huge fan of chatting with any models that don’t speak English so this is a major downside far as I’m concerned.

Cam Quality

The webcam quality of the girl’s feedĀ is decent but not awesome. I’ve certainly seen better feeds over the years and I think that if you’re looking for quality, such as HD cams then you might want to use another site. DXlive just doesn’t deliver like the newly updated sites do today.

Conclusion: DXLive Works If You Like Asian Girls

The site is okay at best. However, I cannot sit here and say that it’s 100% the best Asian cam site on the planet. With the lack of live models online and the language barrier as well as the expensive private chats, I have to personally pass on this one. However, if you’ve got a huge fetish for Asian girls and you want to build a relationship with a specific cam girl, then perhaps this is the site for you. I’m passing on this site for sure though, sorry. DXLive won’t make it into the top ten EVER.

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