I’ve decided to take the time to write a review on a new cam site I came across called CamLeap.com. It’s one of those typical random cam chat sites that are online. You know, of those sites that are like Chatroulette or Omegle. This is one of the sites that many people might “wow” about but I certainly didn’t. It’s a site that you can meet strangers on if you wish to do so. In fact, it’s more like a community more so than anything. I’ve gone over this chat site with a fine tooth comb. Here’s what I learned about it.

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My Camleap.com Site Experience And Review

First off, I’ll come out and say that this was not my favorite chat site. There are a ton of random users but I just wasn’t feeling it. There’s a disclaimer on the front of the site that says you must keep it PG-13 and that no nudity or explicit content is allowed. That is 100% absolutely and most definitely complete bullshit if you ask me. Why the fuck would I use a Chatroulette site that doesn’t condone me jerking off? I mean come on! Step your game up son!

After doing some searching around on the site, it was easy for me to identify that this site is owned and operated by SNR Productions. For those that don’t know who that is, they are a webcam studio that runs the infamous CamWithHer.com site as well as others.

The site had a default “100 Users Online” which honestly isn’t all that impressive given the massive scale that some of these cam sites operate with. Most of the big sites have literally thousands if not tens of thousands of users on the sites trolling around. Heck, some people spend 12 hours per day on these websites. Anyway, enough about other sites, let me keep sharing some information about the Camleap.com site.

A couple facts about Camleap.com are as follows:

1. You can change the skin. Yes, you can change the look and feel of the site if you choose to do so.

2. There are hidden links on the site that lead to other partner driven sites such as CamDuel and CamWithHer.

3. The site has next to no social proof in terms of popularity. When a social profile has less than 150 likes on Twitter, I’ve got something to be skeptical about for sure.

This is what the chat looks like when you’re communicating with someone else on the site. It’s not all that impressive, to say the least.

For those interested in trying the site out, all you need to do is click that “Random Chat” button in the middle of the homepage and you’re off to the races.

Conclusion: Not A Big Winner In My Book. 

I’m going to leave you with an open mind and say that those willing to take a chance using Camleap.com should do so and those that want to go straight for the best nude cams should skip this entirely and head to Camsoda. I’ve spent enough time on Chatroulette style cam sites to know that this is just a cover up from another webcam company trying to lure consumers into their sales funnel. Don’t buy the kool-aid buddy!

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