Some of these cam sites that I review are absolutely amazing and others are complete crap. It happens as the Internet is like the wild west of today. That said, I’ve recently taken a closer look at Camcontacts to see what this site is all about. Some would say that it’s okay, but most would probably be pretty unhappy with the results of using this cam site. The good news for you is that I’m sharing my thoughts before you spend your money. That way, you can learn all about it and then make a decision based on knowledge versus speculation.

Camcontacts Review

My Official Camcontacts Overview

Now, you’re not going to like this at all, but I’m going to come right out and just tell you that I’m not a fan at all. The site is pretty awful looking and it’s easy to see that from day one. In fact, the site is about as dull as it can possibly get. There’s nothing more dissapointing than being super horny and coming to a site that just not pretty at all.

Photoshopped Homepage? Come’on!

If you take a close look at the girls on the homepage, you’ll notice that they’ve been photoshopped to appear sexy and willing to cam. These are stock photos, not real girls. Now even though the girls on the front are fake doesn’t mean that the site doesn’t work, right? Okay, so the site does work but at a below average level at best. That’s because there are next to no models using this website.

Model Numbers Are Low

When you lack in model options as a cam site, you can expect for things to go nowhere fast. It’s CamContacts job to provide hot cam girls for men like myself to chat with. Unfortunately, they’ve done nothing of that sort at all. I think maybe 100 girls were online when using the site. I cannot express how incredibly low this is for a cam site! In fact, I’d be embarrassed if I were the owner of this website.

To top things off, most of the girls I reached out to were useless. They didn’t bother interacting or doing anything at all for me. I couldn’t keep the women focused enough to want to even go exclusive with me or get naked. Huge waste of time.

Some of the main reasons why I hate this site are listed below…

Bad Technology

Take alook at the site and you quickly realize that the tech aspect of this site is garbage. Seriously though, it’s about as awful as it gets and that’s a fact jack.

Ugly Site

I hate ugly girls and I hate ugly websites. Based on my time spent on the site, this hits both aspects of that. Seriously, nothing worse than that!

Boring Girls

Well, boring girls are worse I guess. Camming with a girl and having her yawn or do nothing for you is something that any man in their right mind should get absolutely pissed about.

Terrible Support

Based on my time spent on site, the customer support just doesn’t have what it takes here. I like top notch support and this one simply does not deliver when it comes to supporting customers and end users. Unlike this site which has superb customer service!

Not Trusted

I don’t trust this site. In fact, I think it could be a cover for something else. That’s how high my lack of confidence for CamContacts truly is. If I were you, I’d avoid the site at all costs.

Conclusion: Camcontacts Is Awful

Simply put, the website is about as awful as it gets. I don’t care if you’ve got all the money and time in the world, I personally wouldn’t waste a single second using this site. Nope, not a chance! If you want to try the best cam sites, then head on over to this page to find out which are top notch!