I’m here today to share my thoughts on the one and only Tinychat. This is a live video chat service that you may or may not be familiar with. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely huge and one that many people love to use. I’ve covered everything I can in this review today to give you a full report on everything you need to know. Trust me, you’ll want to read this as it’s going to make a huge difference in your experience if you do attempt to use it. If not, you’ll have the best understanding possible of what the Tinychat video service truly has to offer. If you want to check out other sites that I’ve covered here, then start by checking out the homepage.

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My Full Rundown Of Tinychat.com

Holding nothing back, here’s what you need to know about this cam site…

Tinychat is one of the largest video and voice chat societies on the internet, with the official company line claiming 5 million minutes of usages per day. It offers the users freedom to communicate via video chats, voice chats, and instant messaging. It strategically offers a variety of chat rooms on multiple topics, and even the ability for users to create their very own rooms on any category or theme they might choose.

So, if you would like to meet with people like you, who like to read a particular book, or to rave about a specific TV show, or people who suffer from the exact kind of health problems you do, this is the place for you. The home page of the site has rooms for the LGBT community, for smokers wanting to share and even rooms for diverse communities wanting to connect and unite.

Extremely User-Friendly / Easy

Tinychat is super easy to start a chat in. The initial setting up of an account might offer problems for some since it is quite complicated and overly specific, but there is also an option of entering a chat room without creating an official account.

The interface, though considerably poor and weak, is straightforward to navigate. The webcam functionality is harmonious and it is super easy to convey URLs to friends or family or colleagues. Tinychat works on any system with either Adobe Flash or individual apps for Android or iOS.

A Dozen Plus Video Feeds

The site offers a whopping 12 video feeds to be open at the same time, in addition to dozens of audio feeds. If you felt a need to, a person can converse in multiple chat rooms at once.

The app is a viable selection for business owners or executives who need to get in touch with multiple people at the same time about the workings of their company, or to discuss ideas and plans in a situation where not every important member is able to personally attend a meeting.


The app, though having multiple problems in its initial phase, has also started to come out of its shell. It offers a platform like any other social media site, where you can meet with people you know or widen your horizon with newer friends.

There are regular notifications and alerts, which, if it starts to grow too problematic, can be put on mute or silenced all together until you are ready to talk. The app does take a lot of space on your device, however, which is a downfall. An easy solution for this could be to move it to your Micro SD Card, though that tends to mess up the notifications.

Various Settings

The site can be used both in formal and informal settings. Stickers can be added to the messages you send or even to the screen you are video chatting on, creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere while you talk. The size and font of the messages can be tweaked if the user wants to have some fun while using it.

Conclusion: Tinychat Is Simple, Yet Effective

In conclusion, Tinychat is an innovative way to bring the old chat rooms back to life. Its overwhelming simplicity makes it a feasible option for people who just want to get in there and talk, which is probably the reason behind its huge popularity.

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