I’ve got a special treat for you today. I spent all night awake pounding caffeine pills and jerking off to cam girls. That’s when I came across this site! Stickam Vids is a webcam site, but it’s basically just a page that links to other cam sites. It’s literally a huge database of sick cam videos that have been recorded online for people to see.

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Stickam Vids Girls And My Personal Review

The best thing about Stickam Vids is definitely the ease of use and the number of amateur girls on the site. You’re going to want to focus on the thumbs that have red text below them. Those are the videos that you want to watch. The smaller images without text are typical ads which lead you to paysites. Let me share some more insight into the Stickam captures. You can go to the site and watch really hot girls stripping and having sex within a few clicks. How’s that sound? Well, that’s exactly what you get from this site. Many of the girls are cute and you can watch all the webcam videos without even having to sign up for anything or enter any information. It’s unfortunate that you can’t chat with them or interact but what the fuck do you expect from a cam aggregator site?

Improvement Suggestions

I got a bad feeling at first. When I first entered the site, a fake chat message came up from a girl who claimed she was 3 miles away and wanted me to come over and have sex. It was obviously fake and kept popping up. I’m not sure how much of a problem this is for long term use, but it was a little annoying and showed me that the site does not hesitate to spam you. I can’t stand invasive ads so this had me a little pissed off, to say the least.

Actually, that brings me to another problem. Too many pop-ups. You click on one video and it opens up other pages to more videos instead of the one you selected. Once you get used to the navigation, it’s fairly easy to click on a video and scroll down to it to watch it.

It’s a little too simple. The site has very few features and is basically a bunch of large thumbnails splashed all over the screen. You can put them into categories or choose to see the Most Viewed, Top Rated, Recent or Longest, but that’s about it. Also, all the videos on the page are hosted by 3rd party sites so they don’t even belong to this one.

Another thing that is not so great about this site is the negative reputation online. Although my experience on the site was pretty generic, I didn’t have a whole lot of problems, but a lot of other people obviously have.

Stickam Girls

There are definitely some hot girls on this cam site in some really great content if you look hard enough. It’s a little dirty compared to some of the other cam sites I’ve seen, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You never know what types of cam videos you are going to find on this site. But, as a whole, the girls get pretty nasty and some of the grainy videos make it look even nastier.

One thing about the site that I wasn’t too crazy about was the lack of older ladies. There were not many there, at least during the time that I was on. A lot of the girls on the site are a little young for my tastes, but they are all over 18 and definitely nice to look at.


Features? What features? You can search videos or divide the videos into categories. That’s about all that can be said about the features. You don’t sign up, you don’t chat, you don’t tip girls to do things on camera. All you can do is just browse through videos that have been posted on other websites and linked to this one. You can make the videos full screen. I guess that counts as a feature.


The cost to browse this StickamVids is absolutely nothing. You don’t even put in your name, much less your credit card information. That’s always a good thing. I like cam sites that don’t require that I leave a trail or path to my name. This suits me perfectly to be quite honest.

Customer Service / Billing

As you can imagine, there is not much need for a Customer Service department on this site because you aren’t billed for anything and you don’t even enter your name or sign up. For any additional info or to file a complaint, they have a Customer Service e-mail which is info@stickamvids.net. Before contacting them, read their disclaimer at the bottom of the site where it says that they are not responsible for any of the content on the websites that they link to.

Conclusion: Decent But I Prefer Live Sex Chat Not Recorded Porn

Pre-recorded webcam videos of hot girls for free without having to sign up. It’s a site that links to these videos from other sites and it has a bad reputation online. That’s StickamVids.net in a nutshell.

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