Recently stumbled upon a site called Joyourself. I gotta say, I did like what I saw. It wasn’t your typical cam site at all. In fact, I think it was due to the fact that so many of the women were stunning. What exactly did it have that set it above the rest? Well, that’s pretty easy to point out, I’ll take a few minutes and give you a quick rundown of things.

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What I Like About JOYourself And Why I’ll Continue To Use It

First of all, I’m a bit crazy and I know you think I have a cam girl fetish but I promise you that I do not at all. However, I do like to indulge from time to time and get off with these lovely ladies. So, why not explain what it is the makes me lust over these girls on Joyourself.

  • The Girls
  • Free Credits
  • Diversified Thumbs
  • Star Members
  • 19 Languages
  • Cheap Shows

Okay, so first thing on the list are the girls. They are absolutely smoking hot. I’m talking insanely hot to the point where many of them would be eligible to pose for the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. That’s just the beginning of things.

Those hot girls are willing to do just about anything you want them to do. How do I know this is true? Well, I’ve been with them before in about 12 hours worth of chat time and almost all of the girls are extremely willing. I tend to make hardcore bondage requests and most willfully do as requested.

Now, I don’t mind spending money but I really like getting things for free. Free credits are what make me smile and I’ve been smiling for a long time since joining this site. When you join, you get free credits to test the waters out here for a period of time. My guess is that you like getting things for free too right?

Let’s talk about the thumbs on this site. Joyourself went against the grain here to diversify the thumb size and gosh darn it I love it! It really makes the site look that much more appealing. I’m so fucking sick and tired of seeing the same layout on cam sites today. This one takes the cake and gets points for being creative.

Once you become a member, you can easily star girls to save them to your favorites section. I highly recommend you do that. It helps you find them that much faster.

The site operates in 19 languages so almost anyone can understand and communicate with members online. If you can’t speak one of the 19 languages then maybe this site isn’t for you.

Last but not least, the cam shows are cheap as fuck. This site won’t drain your bank account like other sites. They’ll spend more time draining your balls instead!

Look, do yourself a solid and give JOYourself a chance. Just try it and you won’t be sorry. If you choose to avoid this one, then at least take a look around and see what other sites look appealing. You’ll find one cam site that’s for you here, I promise you that.

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