I came across a new cam website that intrigued me. The logo read “Chat Orgasm” and you know I’m a fan of both. I had to take a stab at this one and give it a shot. For those unfamiliar, ChatOrgasm is an extra naughty webcam site that acts as an aggregator of many major cam sites. This puts tons of models from multiple sites at your fingertips. I checked out the site thoroughly, gave my dick a good tugging and decided to write this review. So read my full review if you want to know what to expect. I’ll start with all the pros of using this website.

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I Jerked Off Using ChatOrgasm And Here’s What I Discovered

I’ll start by sharing the many things that I love about ChatOrgasm. I’ve been using this site for quite some time. Many of the webcams are top quality. They offer full-screen option (which is rare) on some of the live cam feeds. However, you must be a premium member to enable that type of functionality. However, there are also many webcams that are low-quality, which kinda sucks but I’ve seen much worse.

To sum things up, ChatOrgasm is basically a portal to view cam models from multiple webcam sites. If you like the layout and functionality, this might be a good site for you because you have easy access to all the girls from so many sites. It’s not uncommon for people to use a site like this instead of using a ton of other sites.

What Could Be Better?

I couldn’t find any additional information or customer reviews of ChatOrgasm online. This tells me that the site is either not widely used or they haven’t been around long enough to accumulate any reviews. I tend to try to visit cam sites that have a positive reputation. The reason I like to take that approach is because I’m able to see what type of expectation I should set. I can see what others are saying about it before I log in.

That’s not as much of a problem with this site because they link to tons of other sites. So, whether you find the cam models you want at the right price will depend on which site you click on. Don’t have shiny object syndrome. Find a few girls that you like and roll with them. They don’t have very much support since it’s an aggregator site. It would be nice if they shared more info on the cam sites they are working with too.

Cam Girls

Most of the women I saw during my time on the site were very attractive. Most were willing to do whatever I wanted to as well. The variety is off the charts because the cam feeds are from so many fucking sites. I’m talking a massive number of girls. The site that the model belongs to is indicated by the site logo on the top right of the thumbnail previews. This is awesome because once you find a site that you like with a number of girls you’re into, you can then join that site and call it a day.

Chat Orgasm Site Features

On top of the homepage, there are a group of links to all the major webcam sites. This is a handy feature. It allows you to jump over to another cam site to check it out anytime you feel like doing so. A large gallery of webcams is on the front page with large thumbnails of the girls, their screen name, and a button that allows you to add them to your favorites. That type of feature is sick for an aggregator type site.

You can click on the Categories at the top and you will be taken to a page with over 40 categories to choose from to open specific types of free live sex cams. Drop-down menus at the top let you sort the cam feeds a few different ways. You can choose to show anywhere from 6 to 90 girls per page, gender, age range or choose from a list of 6 other cam sites.


Since it’s an aggregator, it’s going to vary in terms of cost. The cost of cam shows and tipping will always vary on every single sex cam site.  I would not concern myself on the cost too much until you find a site and model that you like. I found that most amateur model shows cost around $2.00 a minute and the porn star shows costed around $3.99 a minute, sometimes more.

Customer Service / Billing

This is a tricky one to assess. For Customer Service, you must go to the main site of the cam girl you are watching. For instance, if you have a question about a live cam girl on Streamate, you would go straight to the Streamate site and click on the Customer Service link at the bottom of the page.  Understand what I mean? This functions similar to a tube porn site.


Your experience on ChatOrgasm depends on what cam site you click on. It’s convenient to have free live couple sex cams (that’s my thing) from all these sites in one place. However, I would rather go straight to the individual sites to take advantage of their browsing, sorting and searching features. I use this aggregator to surf but that’s about it. All in all, it’s a decent camming service.

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