The website “” is a way to chat with local cam stars like Carmen and Angelina. These girls literally turn on their cams and are immediately flocked by guys online. It’s one of the most popular cam sites on the web. Find out why and what I think of this amateur webcam site in general. I’ll tell you right now, for amateurs, these girls are smoking hot!

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My Personal Review of Camwithher

There are many good things about Camwithher that I can say. You have the opportunity to do so much using this site. You can join multiple fan clubs, see hot chicks offline, check out reviews from other site users of certain females. You can do all this without spending your hard-earned cash too. You can also check out the cam girl of the month (who has the best ratings). There’s an option for you to watch clips/previews of girls showing off their pussies. Everything right there is enough for you to want to join. I’m sure of that. But there’s even more. When you join, you’ll gain access to video-on-demand where you can see exclusive clips. You can also view the multiple forums while chatting with other members and letting them hear about your experiences. (You can even see some sexy cam girls naked on the forums.) What’s not to love about it? Well, there are always flaws and it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t point them out.

Some Flaws

Although Camwithher may seem like a somewhat fun experience, there are going to be some minor/major flaws. I’m sorry but that’s technology for you and every cam site has them. One flaw is the price per minute, as it can be a bit hefty. A tip I have is to check out some other cam sites that have a possible cheaper alternative. Sometimes the same girls are camming on other sites. Check here and then go ahead and check the other sites to see if they are on their as well as a cheaper rate. Another one of the site’s flaws is the number of females online. You have a lucky chance if you even see a live webcam video of women because of all the inactivity. It’s just not the type of cam site that has a lot of girls live. Simple as that really. The quantity of women on this site is super low. The could be a deserted wasteland at times, making it harder and more difficult to find chicks. This site’s main focus is quality over quantity. I’m a guy that believes in the same approach so I’ll give them that much.

Girls On Site

Although this site may have its flaws here and there, you are sure to find some stunning women. There are also women of multiple types to choose from, especially if you’re more of a picky person. Lots of women are offline for most of the time, so find the perfect women to watch while you can. The population of the women is very small, so that gives more reason to hop on the site and gain the opportunity to meet the very few chicks that are given to you on the website.

Other Features

There are many features on this site to use, such as live chats that vary depending on the cost and privacy (from public chat rooms to private sex chats), two types of memberships (basic and premium), simple navigation, video and photo archives, a “favorited videos” list that can be managed with ease, a small FAQ page, and much more. There are lots of things to do to keep you on the site for hours.

Cost To Go Live

This webcam service may offer super sexy girls, but there is a price. A very costly price that can run you hundreds if not thousands. In order to watch group showings, you have to pay 5 credits ($5 USD and $5 in Euros) every minute. VIP webcams, however, can have a price range of 7-8 credits ($7 USD and $7 Euros) every minute. That’s a pretty fucking expensive price to pay for cam sex.

Customer Service

The billing and use of currency on this site is easy to understand. Currency on this cam website is referred to as “credits.” It is used to pay for different types of shows. Credits are very simple to obtain. Just simply enter your credit card information using any of these 4 types of credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Discover. There is not much customer service that you can get, other than a specialized assistance page. I’ve definitely had better service using other sites online.


I do not suggest using Camwithher. Although you may find some very attractive women, they are hard to come by with the inactivity and lack of women online. You also have to pay a lot of money to see these ladies, with prices going up to 7-8 credits per minute?? That is very unreasonable. I’ve had full cam conversations for ten minutes with women at that price! Steer clear of this even though the girls are smoke shows.

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