I decided to venture out this weekend again and discover some new cam sites that just might be worthy of using. Sure enough, I came across one or tow of them that caught my eye. This one site called Camwhores.tv really reeled me in as it was something that I truly enjoyed using.

CamWhores.tv is a porn video site that offers access to amateur webcam content from hot women. The content ranges from x videos to masturbation or stripping clips. There is some sexy and high-quality content, but it leans more toward quantity than it does quality.

camwhores.tv review

My Review of The CamWhores.tv Website

Here’s my official review of the site and everything I learned about these so-called camwhores! I’ll get started right away to not waste any of your time. First off, even if the site isn’t the best, they do have cam girls on here like Bella Torrez and Selena Adams, so it’s definitely not a complete waste of time.

They make it appear as if you get to chat on webcam for free, but all it does is redirect you to a webcam site. I did like how you could preview the videos. When you are browsing through a gallery of videos, you can hover over them with your mouse and see a little preview, so you don’t waste a lot of time clicking on videos that aren’t to your tastes.

There are some great videos that you will come acress on CamWhores.tv, but you really have to search for the best. Many of the videos I clicked on featured a pretty, but fully dressed girl just sitting there looking at her computer for two and a half minutes. One thing the site has going for it is volume. There are only about 12 videos per page, but there are over 2,000 pages of videos. Some of the videos are only a few minutes long and some of them are over an hour. I did like how you could sort the videos, but they only give you a few categories to sort them into. The categories are Latest, Most Viewed, Top Rated, Longest, Most Commented, and Most Favorited.

The site had a glitch that was really annoying and, if it wasn’t a glitch, it’s even more annoying. Many times, when I would try to scroll down the page, a spam page would pop up and would not let me click off it unless I selected a box that would not allow the page to remain open. This is coupled with an annoying fake message that keeps popping up in the bottom right corner. Also, every time you click on a video, a huge banner ad comes up and blocks ¼ of the video at the bottom. I understand that the banner ads are necessary for a free site, but they just interfere too much with the experience. Nothing is worse than a site peppered with ads everywhere.


CamWhores.tv is not the best site of its kind, but it’s certainly not the worst. It’s simple and straightforward but suffers from too many pop-ups and banner ads. I can’t complain a whole lot because it does offer a lot of content for free, but much of it is filler. If you have some time to waste, it wouldn’t hurt to click through and check it out, but I would not expect to be blown away. The really hot content is few and far between.

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